The objective of this work was to develop a

The objective of this work was to develop a single-objective interval linear programming for addressing the uncertainties when minimizing the life AGN 194310 cost of biofuel supply chains. The remainder part of this paper was structured as follows: Section 2 presented the model for life cycle cost optimization under uncertainties. The results and discussion were conducted in Section 3. Finally, this study was concluded in Section 4.
2. Method
2.1. Biofuel supply chain
The life cycle of biofuel starts from grain (feedstock of biofuel) production, ends with the transport of biofuel to the markets, and it consists of field preparation, sowing, irrigation, fertilization, pest control, weeding, harvesting of grain, the transport of the grain to biofuel factory, biofuel production, and the transport of the biofuel to market. The life cycle boundary of biofuel and the main inputs of bioethanol system were presented in Fig. 1 (Ren et al., 2014). Thus, life cycle cost (LCC) was used to evaluate the economic performance of the whole bioethanol system. Therefore, the economic performance of biofuel system was optimized in life cycle perspective in this study.