Iso conversional method The described model free methods are applied

Concerning the chlorinated samples, the degradation progress of WS INCB28060 expedited in terms of the heightened maximum weight loss rate (DMAX) coupled with the decrease in its corresponding temperature (TMAX), for either of the peaks in SI and SII. The tiny bump emerged on the right side of the first degradation peak is actually a featuring thermal event in PVC pyrolysis owing to the cracking of solid residue with polyene structure after dechlorination ( Bhaskar et al., 2006). As exhibited in Fig. 1b, the DTG-curve of Pap mixture with 10 wt.% PVC discloses an analogous shape to the chlorinated WS derivative. It also earns greater and smaller values of DMAX and TMAX, respectively, compared to those of the pure substrate, which implies the expedition on Pap degradation progress due to co-processing as well. However for Pap, pepsin impact is relatively weak when comparing its mixture’s DTG-curve in Fig. 1b to the WS’s in Fig. 1a, which can also be observed from the values of characteristic parameters such as DMAX and TMAX shown in Table 3.