Marble Stone Applied in TV Setting Wall

Setting wall of marble splicing principle

Marble stone TV setting wall is the most easy to improve and show indoor decoration effect and taste, each words can't describe it and show her beauty and unique. Nowadays more and more people, in the pursuit of high-grade, luxuriant and luxury decoration trend of quality of life, choose the marble TV wall to decorate the home, the trend is more obviously showed on the high-grade decoration.

That is how to design a beautiful and unique and economical marble TV wall? Now TV setting wall is designed to introduce you some design points for design points.

Stone material color choices

There are many different kinds of marble and ever-changing pattern, has the extremely artistic grain color, when we buying marble, we can choose fine pattern road route of quietly elegant, simple and agile can also be won with sharp prominent grain in shape. Choose light color (white, cream-colored, shallow gray, pink, etc.) Marble as TV wall, warm color will make the adornment that occupy the home have integral feeling more. With dark (black, grey, brown, red, green) marble for TV wall, you can speed up the improvement of home space, just like a picture of an unique natural works of art, will become the visual focus of whole sitting room. The collocation with series of marble to design the TV ark, will be more harmonious atmosphere. And the type of marble grain (grain type granite) can also be used to design the curtain wall, it will create new natural wind, also is the design of novel do not fall convention. But it is important to note whether choose on color depth color, decoration of the integral collocation is the first priority choice. And stone material composition change is the biggest influence is her innate lines, the design key points must also hold, because the same stone will have myriad changes. The old way of pattern spelling a flower, have slightly drab, has gradually lost its designers love; And Picasso type fault don't joining together, more artistic, and units of marble stone slabs, in chaos orderly type thrust, leading the trend. And now because of the computer simulation of the puzzle to participate in the creation, can simulate the variety of grain stitching effect, homeowners also can according to the effect provide suggestion .