June Taiwan LED chip industry overall performance to drop 33.5%

Statistics show that in June 2015 Taiwan 6 sapphire substrates publicly traded firms total revenue 165 million yuan (Unit: RMB), down 11.9%; 7 chip publicly traded firms total revenue 634 million yuan(variable message sign) , down 33.5%; 14 publicly traded firms LED package total revenues 1.134 billion yuan, down 12.6%.


June six ?? sapphire substrate plant's total revenue fell by 11.9%


According GGII statistics show that in June 2015 Taiwan 6 sapphire substrate plant achieved total revenues of 165 million, down 11.9%. Particularly, in June 2015, six on the sapphire substrate enterprise, in addition to Rui McNair Technologies revenue growth is much more optimistic, the other corporations in June revenues have declined, some corporations fell as substantially as 78% year on year efficiency.


Cumulative revenues from the first half, the six sapphire substrate plant 9.73 cumulative revenues, down five.3%. From particular organization point of view, from January to June, Jingmei application and Rui McNair Technologies revenue elevated slightly, and also the remaining four organizations revenues were decreased to some extent, which Jia Jing Zhao Xin photoelectric technology as well as a larger revenue decline , representing a decline of more than 15%.


June 7 LED chip plant's total income fell 33.5%


According GGII statistics show that in June 2015 Taiwan chip factory revenue 7 634 million, down 33.5%. Especially, in June 2015, Taiwan 7 chip organizations have revenue decline, as well as the decline was bigger, it surpassed 13 % year on year decline, which fell as significantly as 60 per cent of Thai Valley.


Cumulative revenues from(EN12966) the initial half, the Taiwanese chip plant total 7 total revenues 4.191 billion yuan, down 15.5%. January to June, Taiwan 7 chip plant overall performance has declined, which Epistar functionality fell 9.5%, a decline of four.1% in the overall performance of light-Hung, the remaining corporate benefits surpassed 15 percent decline.


June 14 LED packaging factory income fell by 12.6%


According GGII statistics show that in June 2015 Taiwan 14 LED packaging factory's total revenue amounted to 1.134 billion, down 12.6%. Especially, in June 2015, Taiwan 14 LED package listed organizations, in addition to the United Han Jia and Qi, the rest were all enterprise income decline, which Wang Qi, Li Chau and also the whereabouts of your biggest business functionality year on year decline surpassed 35%.


Cumulative revenues from the very first half, the Taiwan LED (speed limit sign)packaging factory 14 total gross revenue of six.878 billion yuan, down 1.1%. Inside the first half, revenues from the best five Taiwan LED packaging enterprise point of view, Ronda million light functionality has declined slightly, Wang Qi functionality largest decline, of 30%, the East Bay plus the better functionality of Edison, performance increase surpassed 11 ???