Alternative Leisure, Fashion Fitness--Parkour

Climbing is become more and more batik keris online between Young people and adults, Vibram Five Fingertips shoes become their favor shoes or boots, there you could scan many designs Vibram Five Fingers Review store.ofcourse, Vibram Five Fingers shoes is the most suitable choice for climing.Whether you listen to about "parkour"?? It is another extremely popular outdoor sports. "Parkour," in comparison to other sports, there exists a distinct advantage, it generally does not require a lot of external conditions, the town is "parkour" family members stage, each obstacle can be their teaching ground. In "The Red" team, the youngest aged only 15 years old, maximum 37 years because of love "Parkour" and jointly. Here, they met a group of friends. "Most of the people like Parkour is spiritual freedom, unwilling to be bound, plus they want a campaign to greatly help themselves through freer, more liberal brain at least." Fung first met the captain, it is difficult to assume him as a "parkour" lovers, the body of extra baggage, just a little beer belly. But Fung Man isn't just the captain to fly, but also their trainer. In the play "Parkour," before his co-workers and entertainment will choose the wine dinner drink or even to sing K, which also makes the martial arts champion who had started some body fat. He stated that through "Parkour", he provides lost weight nearly 15 pounds. He stated, "Parkour" must the abilities, or fitness without actually damage the health. Fun limit, step by step Parkour a brilliant race to teach movements, not happen immediately, but a gradual procedure. Based training, for "Parkour" followers is particularly important. In the brand new players in, Xiaowei, a team is more positive and started playing "Parkour," nearly half of a month's time, today beautifully done some basic movements, fitness great results, he said, as long as the basis of that is done What actions can play out, he'll always insist upon going training. The first contact "Parkour," the beginners, never to blindly imitate and conceited, but also not be rushed, a down step-by-step from basic training begins. Beyond personal, beyond the limit, may be the most "Parkour" family want. For the difficult moves, and only a strong foundation is often insufficient. "Parkour" is not only over the real obstacles, moreover, beyond the mental barrier. Fung said a base cowards and courage are not enough without foundation. Than skilled, he insisted that the even more important. As a result, the players were more than a day's training intensity, "Parkour," the action requires schooling by repeated, long-term consolidation, will avoid accidental injury.