Anthropologie Clothes My First Impressions

Urban Outfitters seems to be a favorite name in retailing, but it wasn't until last week that I was released to Anthropologie. If you haven't heard, seen, or experienced an batik keris online shop, you are missing an event, I kid you not.
After returning from the shop, I dug up some quantities that shocked me. Here's one that really left the feeling: the common shopper spends 80 a few minutes in the shop per trip. Eighty -- that's one hour, 20 minutes on each check out. Is it possible to guess how much time the average shopper spends at other merchants? 15 minutes. That's an incredible figure which should describe a little about the feel of the stores.
Anthropologie was founded to capitalize on patrons of the Urban Outfitters store who outgrew UA's fashions. As such, the prospective market for Anthropologie clothing is a 30 to 40'ish sophisticated female with high discretionary income. Not a bad niche to target!
Ask ten females what they think of and you will likely get . . . one opinion! Nearly unanimously, people love the shop, but aren't crazy about the prices. Granted, they are high, but for good reason. Anthropologie is extremely selective and unique with their clothes lines, and just about everything you find in a shop is a restricted edition run. Heck, they even have a good number of one-of-a-kind pieces!
These items have a tendency to fly off of the shelves, leaving oddball items scattered about, but leading to a chance for shoppers: namely, sales racks. There are a number of discounted items if you're not against searching, which I'm sure plays a part in the long shopping visits.
What impresses me the most about Anthropologie clothes may be the distinctive styling. Their clothes add a lot of flowery prints, laces, and delicate details, but look elegant and sophisticated at the same time. The feeling that I get is that it is a clothing line for beautiful women who don't feel they need to reveal half of their bodies to appear appealing. Home run, I'd say.
If you're really searching for a bargain, you will find discount Anthropologie clothing online - not really through the Anthropologie shop, but through other retailers. I cannot imagine that these things are wholesale, and with the high turnover in clothing, I would doubt it's produced up of last season's items either, however the price is attractive!
Here's the bottom line: in the event that you haven't yet shopped in an Anthropologie store, find out if there's one in the vicinity. It truly is an excellent shopping experience. But beware of the prices!