Advantages Of Solar Cooking On Health

As people might not have knowledge on the fact that nearly 3 million people are engaged in using solid fuels and more than 2.5 billion people live in today’s world without electricity, energy development in rural remote regions of the world is still slow and continuous process. Development of renewable energy could be the only alternative to such massive population.


Among all the renewable energies developing solar energy would be the easiest and efficient one. With solar photovoltaic and various forms of solar energies being constantly developed in last century, millions of people have had access to solar power utilization.  While most people are not familiar with the process of utilizing solar stoves and cookers, it is also a great way to utilize sunlight as everyday fuel source. Burning solid fuels is a root problem for various respiratory health problems among population of rural region and it is also biggest threat to our plant because of carbon release.


If solar cookers are used properly it could be a safe and convenient way of cooking everyday meal including vegetables, fruits, legumes, grains and all other sorts of food. Solar cookers are excellent way of cooking food without burning solid fuels but extra care has to be given while cooking meat and water pasteurization because of the correct temperature they have to be cooked in. solar cooking eliminates the use of solid fuels allowing better health and surrounding around people. Solar cooking doesn’t require constant stirring and cooking like in direct wood as it allows all ingredients to be cooked at ones.


Sun is an excellent source of energy to our earth and the fact that it can be used for cooking is a proof in itself. Talking about solar cooking techniques and cookers doesn’t help people but making such energy available to people does. With help of guides and resources from Practical Answers, NGOs are helping thousands of people to have access in utilizing solar cookers. With easy demonstration of solar cooker utilization anyone can learn how to use it but it is a matter of making such cookers available to people that makes a difference in solar cooking and health of people.