Okay, so i could be very polite and say that i have full understanding for people thats are freaked out about that Cover or Vouge photo... But really? what the fuck is the big deal? i reallt don`t get it. So they put out a picture of a girl who is skinny, why is that so diffent from everything else? i`m personlig not a girl that is super skinny nor super fat and i don`t se the big deal. Every magasine photoshops every picture the lay out on the internet. And with that i mean lik EVERY picture. They have made so girl seem skinny and seem beautiful to the readers, but every human with their head in the right place know that it is so photoshoped and that the people who own this magasine only liked her nose or something like that. 

This leads us on the the next topic i want to write about. People are always bitching about how they look. Now a days everybody is gettig fraking botox and lips are gettig bigger and bigger and you know what? i really don`t give a fuck! sooooo many people are against all of that! why aren`t people allowed to do what ever they want with their body and... face? It is not like it looks good on all people, like right know i am "waching" Friends and i look at Monika and she looks beautiful and i just looked up a picture of her now... Her lips are weird.

but what i wanted to say is that you could do what ever you want and people are still going to hate you -fuck i`m one positive son of a bitch-

Knuz Anonym