Do you know how serious a speckled bananas is?

Banana Fragrant taste, nutritious, Europeans call it "happy fruit" because it relieves depression , And the girls loved the banana or lose weight good fruit. Bananas also known as "the fruit of wisdom" air max The legend is because Buddha ate bananas and gain wisdom. Bananas are very good nutritious food.

But some banana Once the spot after a long, many people will think bananas is not new, it is best not to eat, so this is indeed the case? So what kind of bananas can not eat? What is good for the body to eat a banana?

Which kinds of bananas can not eat? Air max 90

1, undercooked bananas can not eat. Bananas are tropical and subtropical fruits, In order to facilitate storage and transport, when picking bananas, we can not wait for it to ripen, but you have to put in storage at the banana peel off the green. The most typical are the elderly, children, after eating raw bananas, not only can not help constipation, but constipation may occur obvious.

2. Fasting should not eat. Banana have more magnesium, Magnesium is sensitive elements affect the heart function, the cardiovascular inhibition. Fasting bananas will make the body of magnesium sudden increase in the destruction of human blood magnesium and calcium balance in the cardiovascular inhibition produced is not conducive to good health.

3, chills and stomach empty frail people should not eat, because the banana slowly digested in the gastrointestinal, gallbladder bad.

bananas with speckled are good or not?

That is the more mature banana spots on the skin more, it is also higher immune activity. air max schweiz It appears on a yellow banana skin black spots, which increases the ability of white blood cells than skin hair green bananas 8 times stronger. So from now eat a little ripe bananas!

Immune activation bananas have more moderate, The state of health in the human body does not make the immune system abnormally elevated. But for patients, the elderly and poor resistance to babies who are very effective.

In everyday life, we wish to eat 1-2 bananas a day, By enhancing the body's resistance to disease to prevent infection, in particular the prevention of colds and flu and other viral invasion of.

Bananas can prevent many diseases toms schuhe

1, Depression: people suffering from depression, after eating a banana, will feel more than good. Because bananas contain amino acids, will be converted into serotonin, it is relaxation, improve mood. Monkeys often high spirits and happy, should eat more bananas reasons.

2. Anemia: Bananas high iron content, can stimulate blood hemoglobin inside.

3. Hypertension: Bananas contain a high amount of potassium, but low salt, ideally lower blood pressure. Recently, the US Food and Drug Administration announced that allowed the banana industry propaganda: Bananas can reduce the chance of high blood pressure and stroke.

4, the brain: in the UK there are 200 students Twickenha, in order to enhance the brain and help exam in semester, for breakfast, a short break and lunch, eat the right amount of bananas. Studies have shown that potassium-rich bananas, can improve students' concentration, to help them to read.

5, constipation: Banana is high in fiber, can help respond stomach normal activities, elimination of constipation, without taking laxatives.

6, tension: high vitamin B content of bananas can help express relief nervous system.