QM75DY-H Mitsubishi Electric IGBT Power Transistor Module

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QM75DY-H is a Mitsubishi power transistor you need to boost your power inverters. Worry no more about power shortages! This Mitsubishi Electric IGBT module can be your lifesaver. QM75DY-H has high power switching characteristic that guarantees high efficiency in boosting power inverters. Moreover, it comes with an insulation, ensuring a robust module construction.


With a weight of only 0.46 lbs., QM75DY-H is also space-saving and practical to use. You don’t even have to worry about risks for injury! UL Recognized, QM75DY-H is 100% safe for usage.


Mitsubishi QM75DY-H is a power transistor module you can use for switching heavy AC and DC loads. Its extraordinary current versions are designed for automotive testing as well. It has a durable connecter, made for a particular application and is supported by strong cable and connector accessories.