Consider These Steps Before Selecting Your Premium WordPress Theme

Many start ups and businesses nowadays don't want to hire a web developer but directly want to reduce the costs by selecting a Proper Premium WordPress theme and get their first website online in hours.

However with tens of thousands of Premium WordPress themes out there its really difficult to understand and select which one will suit our requirement.

It is also important that since this is our first website we should have natively simple yet powerful features which doesn't confuse us technically in the beginning but also help us build our website but essentially also meet our near future needs of advanced functionality as well.

Hence these are the steps we have evaluated which we think are of utmost importance for a customer while evaluating and selecting a Premium WordPress theme.

Step 1: Drawing a sketch: It is important that you draw a sketch of your required homepage because many a times it happens that you want something else and you choose some other kind of Premium WordPress theme. Hence drawing a sketch will determine how your homepage should appear and based on that you can easily choose a particular Premium WordPress theme which matches closely to that look.

Step 2: Objectives of your website and what you want: It is very important that basic objectives of your website like homepage, about page, contact page with Google map and other objectives that you need from your website are present in your Premium WordPress theme. You have to write down the basic and core objectives needed and then select the themes based on that.

Step 3: Color schemes you need: Nowadays most themes are color changing but what if the color schemes you want are already present by default in the demo of the theme then you don't need to do much but select the Premium WordPress theme and start building your website quickly.

Step 4: Important features and functionality needed: Many people select Premium WordPress themes just on the basis of design and at times are then stuck with the lack of features they need in near future when their websites become larger. Hence it is important to understand the requirements, features and functionality one may need out of their website in near future and thereby select the theme.

For example a simple portfolio or gallery page or an accordion style content. Or a blog for video purposes or different layout pages where you can have lengthy content. If a Premium WordPress theme satisfies the features and functionality you may need in future then you should select it based on that.

Step 5: Customer Support: Many WordPress Premium themes have lots of features, functionality and documentation but lack proper customer support. It is important that the theme developer answers each and every request properly and timely. Many developers don't respond timely and hence it becomes pretty much useless if you are stuck with a simple request.

Step 6: Speed of the theme: Google has nowadays made it clear that faster your website, higher is your ranking in search engine. And hence it is not only important to have a good hosting but also to have a nicely coded Premium theme which satisfies this requirement. GT metrix and Google page speed satisfactory result WordPress theme would not only get your business online but also to higher search engine rankings due to speed.

Step 7: Meets SEO guidelines: SEO guidelines like Meta tags and proper schematics as well as XML sitemap and alt tags are important. Also are proper headings defined in the code. If a Premium WordPress theme meets SEO guidelines then it can prove good for your online business since it will rank organically without much advertisements.

We hope all these steps would help you get and select your first Premium WordPress theme.