Metal Banding Has Many Uses In Companies And The Public Sector

Stainless Steel Banding/Stainless Steel Strapping are products used all over the country, but very seldomly get noticed. These straps hold traffic and directional signs to posts securely. They hold bundles of building materials together during shipping. They hold bundles of cables together for underground electrical installations. Steel banding holds palm trees up during tropical storms and secures planters at public buildings and parks. grades of stainless steel steel strapping is used in countless industry settings to secure wires, cables, equipment, fencing, and even air conditioning units safely in place. This strapping is meant to work, not be seen.

For those looking for a good source of stainless steel strapping, going to would be a good start. ISO is one of the major steel companies that supply stainless steel banding and strapping. They also supply all the banding tools and accessories customers might need to install the banding. Steel companies sell stainless steel banding in different widths, thicknesses, and lengths. Some banding is coated to make it perform better underwater. The widths that banding comes in go from 1/4th inch to two inches, with thicknesses of .020 inch up to .044 inch. The banding comes in rolls of 100feet to 200-foot coils or by weight in 30-pound to 44-pound coils of banding.

Stainless steel banding is unique because It Straps On, binding materials together or securing equipment and signage to walls or posts of various kinds. Fencing used on ranches, farms, orchards, or prisons can be made in part of stainless steel strapping. This type of banding is very useful in underwater mining and drilling operations where it can be used to secure electrical cables underground or underwater, and it can it can be used for cable bundling. The heavier and stronger stainless steel banding can be used to strengthen and rehabilitate piers and docks.

The top steel companies have technical support people to guide customers when they are ordering banding for their unique projects. Stainless steel banding products are used in municipal projects, in the oil, gas, and mining industries, the telecommunications and power industries, and in many other unique applications. This banding is manufactured in the United States steel mills and must conform to strict production standards. Mill certification four-digit quality control numbers let the customer know they have quality banding made in the USA and at what steel mill. This steel strapping may be made in the United States, but it is sold for uses all over the world. For more helpful information, go to the website.