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The best part of staying in town for President's Day weekend was having brunch over a Monday - a basic, low-key brunch as well. I met some friends with a Lower East Side cafe I'd never gone to called Epistrophy. The setting proved adorable even just in the rain. The awning and outdoor tables were cheerfully colored in pastels and invitingly accented with miniature vases. Beneath the exterior was an even more welcoming atmosphere. Epistrophy is spacious having a cozy, functional layout. A large room which has a bar somewhere and a bookshelf alternatively, small tables are scattered among for dining, then one large table comfortably accommodates book worms and focus groups. Light jazz plays in private low enough for conversation and couples sipped cappuccino's round the bar on an choice of second-hand stools. click here

Thai food is a fusion of food from north, south, northcentral and north eastern. It contains curries, rice, noodles and a lot of coconut. Hence, their desserts have coconut in certain form or other. But it is thought to be single thai cuisine. You can find a lot of thai desers in Delhi restaurants.

Now a days there is no time for you to do all trial and test. People looking for authentication. For that you can find none other than Bangkok Degree 1.Though the restaurant is frequented by people who are now living in Sainik Farms, people from other parts of South Delhi are available to this spot for real authentic Thai food.

Says owner Ning Khurana, "I love food but, I love to promote Thai food more. It was using this aim that my sister and I opened the restaurant. We have occasionally been lured to change the cuisine to accommodate the Delhiites palate, however, I have always wanted to serve authentic Thai food and that is what we should do. It gives me feeling of joy that in seven years we have those who love our food."

This certainly is true. Though people might wonder what sort of dessert they might be serving at Thai restaurants in Delhi, the fact is that their sticky rice with mango is delicious. It is extremly good, cool and sweet. The coconut syrup poured on the sticky rice served with a side serving of ripe mango is inviting and uncomarable. The combination of white and yellow-orange features a sunshine attract it. Visually it includes a warm look that may ignite in your appetite. As for the taste-it is heavenly.