Heart of A Phighter: Wrestlemania Picks

Welcome Back Again In Order To heart of your Phighter. . . . .

This is precisely what they are generally doing utilizing your Playboy match? replace it with twenty-three much more lovely ladies? I'm digging it. Cena carries on to be any "New WWE-Era" classic nearly every time it's had an actual ending to it. Christian vs. I'm going to produce a sizable statement right here, thus listen up:.

25 Diva Battle Royal. Really, now? Each Along With Every diva on the roster looks a total lot better than her. I bet you forgot in which Triple H ended up being the ultimate eliminated in that Rumble, too. Really, now? Each diva about the roster looks a complete lot better than her. Winner and NEW WWE Champion: Randy Orton.

This can always be a coin flip, becoming honest. I don't believe we needs to always be able to have somebody go back to back, winning Cash within your Bank. Jericho, in Monday, asserted Rourke declaring he'd fight him at 'Mania after which backing down will be the reason this is happening. Mark puts me in order to sleep.

That's almost all with regard to now, I'll become back again next week though together with some more thoughts. . . . That's most with regard to now, I'll end up being back again next week however using more thoughts.