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5th section. Chapter I. -with some elaboration by J. Rezzuto-
We need to spotlight that, for all pianists, the most challenging muscle to manage is the triceps. It need to continue being constantly relaxed until immediately associated in the action. The distinct actions which in fact require the usage of the triceps are: forearm and arm actions.
The drawing over demonstrates how to verify the tension yourself even though taking part in. Any tension relevant with the incorrect use of this muscle will derive in a blockage of our overall performance abilities. If there is any noticeable stiffness in that muscle mass it implies the fingers are excerting too a lot strain on the surface of the keys.
There is a really fragile harmony amongst excess weight and finger pressure that we need to hold under control if we want to execute professionally.
In the course of our very first performances we expertise pressure stages which induce a state of alarm or restlessness. This psychological circumstance sets our program on guard and for that reason our muscle groups agreement. The principal issue about community performances is self-recognition we are likely to discuss about this matter later on these posts.
Coming back to Scaramuzza and Italy, the beginning location of professional piano functionality, it is said that “la nerviosita e la matatia di tutti i pianisti” (anxiety is the major illness every pianist has to defeat). Two of the primary contributors to this phenomenon are the impossibility of travelling about with our instrument and the lack of practise alongside with other instrumentalists that typically. A complete expression strategy constitutes the main way of sorting out the stress coming from community performances and, more specifically, of evading the distraction aspect that expertise represents to us. The acknowledgement of how musical syntax behaves and the way it influences the dynamics we select, constitute the major concentrate for a specialist performer for the duration of any public functionality. Applying all our intellect to driving those expression vectors is the only way we can keep our minds centered and far from the distractions derived from any public efficiency circumstance.
There is a wonderful analogy created by A. Cardellicchio which compares the knowledge of executing in entrance of an viewers with driving. Initially we truly wrestle to stay away from receiving distracted by all the stimulation coming from all directions, but later on, when we control to include all the essential capabilities, we can offer with them with no effect on the way we travel.
Philosophically speaking, we want to research for peace of brain at all instances. We will always carry out in the exact same way as how we generally behave on our everyday lives. Anxiety must grow to be then a supply of expression alternatively of a source of instability. The public functionality delivers with it the absence of precision, but that deficiency of precision is diminished by the incorporation of a strong and productive expressive prepare.
Typical gatherings amongst pianists are the most productive training strategy in direction of taking care of public efficiency stress. This practise, if direct professionally, will improve our pianistic notion in an excellent way. The most crucial point we need to have to do is to feel musically as it is the only route toward simplification.
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