The ZeepadA 7DRK will not remain on.

   This ZeepadA 7DRK is terrible my little girl gets so disappointed with it because it gets frozen up all the time battery energy seems to only last 45 minutes then it goes out have to renew now that requires permanently and the energy key u have to keep it for a excellent Half a minute so it would convert on or convert off also the cut was down for 3 times my child could not observe any of her films Disney or Blockbuster online I have to say I would not recommend nobody to get this.
   The ZeepadA 7DRK will not remain on. The display damaged at the front side of my sight while doing nothing. ... It was just seated there. The product requires up to 3 times to cost. The go mobile phones split with on a day. I got it and two others for my children and it's been less than 1 month and it was not value the buy.
   This ZeepadA 7DRK is non efficient. The characters will never kind, are trapped and is of no use to me. Guidelines are also very unexplained and is difficult for a individual to adhere to.