As the removal of intact Microcystis cells

As the removal of intact Microcystis 3X FLAG tag Peptide without causing cell lysis significantly avoids the addition of dissolved toxins and intracellular organics into the treated water [31], it is significant to evaluate the influence of KMnO4 oxidation on the cell integrity. Fig. 2 shows Flow cytometry results of the raw and KMnO4-treated cells. In Fig. 2(a)–(c), FL3-A corresponds to chlorophy II autofluorescence detected at 630 nm, and FL1-A corresponds to SYTOX green stain fluorescence detected at 530 nm. P1 and P11 are regions used to define lysed and live populations, respectively [28] and [32]. It can be observed in Fig. 2(a) that the intact cells in the original cell solution account for 94.0% of the total cell count, while that the damaged cells take a percentage of 5.6%. Since parts of cells would naturally die owing to metabolism, it is reasonable to find a small part of damaged cells in the '3X raw cell solution. When the cells were treated by KMnO4 at the doses of 1.0 mg/L and 2.0 mg/L for 20 min, proportions of intact cells were 93.3% and 94.9%, respectively.