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is about to bid you good bye and the model baju batik kantor style designers and the big style houses have already started looking for fresh ideas to set the fashion trends for the coming year. But the old fashion developments of the seventies can make a come back with a more contemporary approach THE BRAND NEW York style Week 2011 showcased the selections of many of the most popular names in the fashion world and the provided a hint that the world will witness riot of colors. Fashion wears comes into play vibrant shades of blue, green, crimson and yellow. Vivacious tones for eyes shadows and juicy shades for lipsticks will complete the appearance.
New York Fashion Week 2011 held in September 2010 showcased the assortment of one of the most popular designers, Marc Jacobs. He provided the models with the vintage look that reflected the reminiscent of the seventies. The retro appearance was back with deep tones of brown, reddish colored, plum in lip shades and dark smoky eyes highlighted with gloss green eye-shadows. Recent fashion weeks witnessed abundance of colors as shades of terracotta dark brown, orange, red, yellowish and fluorescent pink the most coveted event of the style world.
Both the NY and the Paris Style Week indicated that 2011 Spring Summer fashion tendency will be about the playfulness of shades that are inspired by nature. Some of the themes that are anticipated to get prominence include:
Underwater Theme: The awesome theme is merely perfect to beat the summer heat. Variants of cobalt blue, dark blue, aqua green, turquoise will have a soothing effect. Designers may also enhance the watery tones with pink hues or purple tint.
Terracotta Theme: Earthen color styles are also likely to get end up being dominant. Designers will recreate the antique appeal using tones like stony grey, shabby white, fruity colors and more.
Solar Theme: The lighting of summer will become reflected in the solar theme that may feature a combination of exuberant crimson, orange, purple and the green of grapevines.
So it will not be an exaggeration to say that Spring Summer 2011 is a season of colors.
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