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3.5. Preliminary techno-economic analysis of ER/DETA/FO/FD
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Diesel soot; Diesel Particulate Filter; DPF; Ceria catalyst; Pt catalyst
1. Introduction
The catalytic combustion of soot is a topic of current research in order to avoid the emissions of Diesel engines. One of the commercially available technologies consists of a Pt-based catalyst that oxidizes NO to NO2 and initiates the combustion of soot collected in a Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) located downstream in the exhaust pipe [1].
The high and fluctuating prize of noble metals has motivated the interest for alternative active phases, and ceria based-catalysts are promising candidates. Important progresses have been done at laboratory scale in the optimization of such ceria active phases. The effect of reaction conditions in the ceria-catalyzed combustion of soot, like gas composition or temperature windows for optimum operation, have been studied [2] and [3]. The soot combustion mechanisms have been also properly investigated and the most relevant reaction steps are understood [4] and [5]. Even, some experiments at pilot plant level have been carried out in order to demonstrate small intestine ceria-based formulations are able to accelerate soot combustion under 'V5 real conditions [6], [7] and [8].