Play diversified development of cross-border integration of revolutionary LED screen collective enterprises

LED(variable message sign) show in the field of cross-border cooperation and shared seriously can be a resource, inside the era from the LED display, cross-border and innovation is quite important, cross-border and innovation are two main lines of business development, cross-border is its essence, innovation is the market theme. Competitors is competition core LED sector chain, due to the complete market chain have on middle and lower reaches with the dividing line, the "community" has been extremely clear. As for cross-border purposes, which "cross" may be the important. Why cross? Ways to cross? Cross Whither? All enterprises in the take that step to be believed.

Certainly, cross-border enterprise is not a temporary move, but straight related to the company's future improvement and direction with the move, we think companies have a pretty good idea.


Certainly, cross-border business will not be a short-term move, but directly related to the company's future improvement and direction of the move, we believe organizations have a fairly excellent concept.


"Cross" There are actually 3 major methods that the horizontal integration, vertical integration, hybrid integration. The important should be to determine cooperation across the middle and reduced reaches of matching small business, strengthen their own, open integration. Nevertheless it must be noted that regardless of how cross-border innovation, to begin with, we have to clearly positioned itself inside the business segments of the business; secondly, we need to also strengthen communication together with the outdoors from the industry, to cognitive LED display business and its geographical process environment, and the nature of competitors inside the business, and actively carry out exchanges and interactions with stakeholders, the collision point of view is fairly meaningful for cross-border, which is know the enemy; and once more, in the case of know ourselves, to attain a consensus, mutual advantage and win-win .


LED show business within the existing market place environment, to be able to respond to alterations in marketplace and sector predicament, LED (speed limit sign)show business cross-border operations or diversify the blame, this can be a single way corporations seek their very own improvement. By analyzing the achievement of cross-listed firms is often discovered, listed businesses have a much more solid financial strength, and has a certain brand awareness, established a relatively total production management, product improvement, channel improvement, upkeep as well as other after-sales service technique, these would be the basis for the improvement of cross-industry brands.


Within the cross-border procedure, not only the will need to prevent marketplace threat, need to focus on cross-border relevance. From the point of view of cross-border locations of these enterprises are basically LED display as a cross-cutting development medium, not jumping cross-border. Remain the identical, no matter where to enter a trade association requirements is very vital. Nevertheless Gehangrugeshan, even though several industries look similar, but the difficulty faced inside the actual operation is extremely unique, firms don't have some accumulation, it can be tricky foothold in cross-border areas, it may even affect its key market.


In these successful cross-border small business among their success is certainly welcome, but don't have replicability, LED show enterprises If you need to attain their sustainable improvement, but also need to find their own strengths, tailored, out of a appropriate small business to their very own development path.


Cross-border (EN12966)enterprise possibilities and challenges, just isn't a very simple one business to an additional, from entering the business. But philosophy, management technique, one more expression in the worth of innovation. To effectively cross-border, companies will have to continue to strengthen the integration of innovation as a way to achieve genuinely sustainable development