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New Orleans Performing Arts Thanks to an unwelcome visitor named Issac, Rivertown Theaters for the Performing Arts' debut valentino tote bag saleseason was delayed a week. Gary Rucker and Kelly Fouchi, the recently appointed artistic directors of the Kenner facility and codirectors of the first production, "Legally Blonde The Musical" were forced to move the opening to September 14. If they had any concerns about whether the move might have any repercussions, then those should be allayed. The finished production earns very high marks on several fronts, not the least of which were tremendous choreography by Fouchi and Heidi Malnar, wellcrafted set designs by both David Raphel and technical director Eric Porter and superb Valentino Rockstud Shoes Sale singing by the entire cast.

But no matter how good the cast is, "Legally Blonde" would never fly without the absolute talent of its leading valentino flats star, Hannah Rachal, in the role of Elle Woods. From the moment she hits the boards in the first number "Omigod You Guys," till the final resolution in the curtain call, Rachal is spellbinding. She is valentino rockstud pumps the essence of the character first brought to the screen by Hollywood star Reese Witherspoon in the first of two films centered on the character of Elle Woods. Woods is a lovestruck 4.0 Valley Girl graduate in fashion arts from UCLA who has been dumped and improbably follows her exboyfriend to Harvard Law School.

Rachal's voice and acting chops are perfect for the role. Despite some healthy valentino sandals sale competition from her Delta Nu sorority sisters, it soars above the other cast members hitting all the right notes, Valentino Rockstud Shoes while her comeliness as a shapely blonde enhances her attractiveness to the audience.

The songs by Laurence O'Keefe valentino sneakers and Nell Benjamin are quite fun and spirited. In a bit of opportune valentino shoulder bag typecasting, real life lawyer and occasional singer Greg DiLeo plays Professor Callahan, Elle's mentor and professor. He has a wonderful introduction in the song Valentino Shoes Outlet"Blood in the Water," where he sings with his deeply resonating baritone about the difference between students who are sharks and those who are chum.