Ntot eNtot e and NHeNHe violations removal

4.4. Ntot,eNtot,e and NHeNHe violations removal
Table 7.
Results with default PI controllers and with control strategies for Ntot,eNtot,e and NHeNHe violations removal for dry, rain and storm influents.Default PI controllersControl for NHeNHe violations removal%% S Tag reductionDry influentEQI (kg pollutants/d)6115.635624.418.03OCI16381.9317494.44−6.8Ntot,eNtot,e violations (%% of operating time)17.560100NHeNHe violations (%% of operating time)17.260100Rain influentEQI (kg pollutants/d)8174.987695.035.9OCI15984.8518524.71−15.9Ntot,eNtot,e violations (%% of operating time)10.860100NHeNHe violations (%% of operating time)27.080100Storm influentEQI (kg pollutants/d)7211.486685.157.3OCI17253.7519524.67−13.2Ntot,eNtot,e violations (%% of operating time)15.030100NHeNHe violations (%% of operating time)26.790100Full-size tableTable optionsView in workspaceDownload as CSV
Fig. 12. qECqEC, QrinQrin, NHeNHe and Ntot,eNtot,e evolution form day 7 to day 14 with default PI controllers (dash-doted line) and with the control strategies for NHeNHe and Ntot,eNtot,e violations removal (solid line).Figure optionsDownload full-size imageDownload as PowerPoint slide