Conclusion In this work different control strategies based

5. Conclusion
In this Z-Lys(Z)-OH work different control strategies based on MPC + FF and affine, linear and exponential functions have been tested in a biological wastewater treatment process with the aim of avoiding effluent violations and decreasing EQI and OCI.
The correct variation of the DO set points of the aerated tanks 'Z-Lys(Z)-OH' given by the higher level affine function tuned by a trade-off analysis and the tracking of the DO set points by MPC + FF controllers result in a satisfactory EQI and OCI reduction in comparison with the default control strategy. The improvement of the denitrification process, by adding qEC1qEC1, achieves the complete elimination of Ntot,eNtot,e violations. The implemented affine function with a sliding window allows to dosage the minimum qEC1qEC1 necessary for this aim. Finally, the improvement of the nitrification process by manipulating QrinQrin with the combination of a linear function and an exponential function makes possible the NHeNHe violations removal.