Nike Cortez - A History Of A Classic Running Trainer

Originally designed in the mid-sixties by Expenses Bowerman, the 1972 US Olympic trainer, the Nike Cortez was kado untuk pacar, hadiah ulang tahun untuk pacar as the supreme teaching shoe for the long distance runner. The Nike Cortez combined a thick long wearing outer sole with a full length sponge mid-sole cushions to soak up street shock and reduce leg fatigue while simultaneously elevating the back heel to reduce Calf msucles strains. The cortez was a fresh concept in distance training shoes. With the experience of the 60s as a base Bill Bowerman and Nike have progressed the Nike Cortez right into a line to meet up the varying needs of all runners.

Coach Bill would try anything to make a running shoe better, a good pair of flip flops. He grafted them into a training shoe to create the first full length mid-sole. This hydrid shoe became the Nike Cortez.
The Nike Cortez changed running in 1972. Many sportsmen who wore the footwear described it as running on the moon and ultimately helped most of them win races.

In 1972 Nikes guru, Bill Bowerman, knew that sports athletes needed a well cushioned shoe that could consider the punishment of 100 miles per week pounding the pavement. The 1st model was made with leather, but bowerman figured out how to reduce the weight using top of nylon, which was lightweight and quick drying, and suede, which would contain the shape of the toe without restricting the feet.

The Nike Cortez released the first full size, dual density foam mid-single for along with good shock absorption, the denser foam was positioned where in fact the foot needed it many. A herringbone rubber sole completed the revolution, and there it had been, a Bowerman designed working icon, casting a rapidly moving shadow across the running world for a long time to come.

Introducing the cortez fly movement for 2009

Still and generally the Nike Cortez, but now given better, stronger, faster wings by natural motion technology. Its fly wire fused now, and that means its got the technology developed for Nikes highest performance track shoe, the zoom triumph spike, in to the design. Fly wire is an ultra strong, ultra thin series of cables that proves that lighter can also be stronger.

Yet another innovation, the one piece upper, providing a cloaked convenience at a weight that would have already been laughed off the blueprints twenty years ago.

Right now, injected phylon, replaces the dual density EVA mid sole, producing the Nike Cortez lighter while keeping it stable. A series of deep flex grooves were laser cut following herringbone tread pattern, permitting the Nike Cortez the dual gift of motion and lightness.