Grilling - Immediate Heating Method vs Oblique Heating Technique

Direct Heat Method for Grilling The direct heat way is how you would normally consider grilling and barbecuing. It is when meals is cooked directly more than a heat source. This method is best useful for smaller cuts of meat, poultry, fish and vegetables. For example: hamburgers, hot dogs, kabobs, steak, etc. Direct Heat Method with a Charcoal Grill Spread coals evenly in the charcoal grate. Place the cooking grate on the coals and place food for the cooking grate in order to smoke. Close the lid for the grill for cooking. Try not to lift the lid too frequently as you will lose precious heat. Lift to change food or test for doneness only. Direct Heat Method on the Gas Grill Preheat the grill by turning all burners on high. Place your food for the cooking grate and adjust all burners to the temperature needed or based on your recipe. Close the lid with the grill to prepare food. Lift the lid limited to turning food or testing for doneness. Every time you lift the lead, you lose heat quickly. Indirect Heat Method for Grilling The indirect heat way is when the heat source is around the meal rather than directly underneath it. This method only conditions grills who have a lid. It cooks the meal more like roasting or baking in the oven. This technique is best used by larger, less tender cuts of meat for example roasts or ribs or food that has a tendency to flare up easily. Also great for vegetables as well as other food that will dry out easily. Indirect Heat Method with a Charcoal Grill Arrange hot coals evenly on both sides of the charcoal grate. You can place an aluminum drip pan in the middle from the charcoal grate between your coals if you want to collect the drippings for easier tidy up, to cut down on flare ups or use in sauces or gravy. If you find your drippings are burning, you can contribute a little water to the drip pan as you go. Place the grate you use in order to smoke on within the coals and place your food for the grate, directly over the drip pan (if you are using one) or the empty space. Put the lid down on the grill and make covered. You only desire to lift the lid when basting or when you require to check to ascertain if your your meals are done. Lifting the lid many times will let loose too much heat. Indirect Heat Method on a Gas Grill Preheat your gas grill with all burners on high along with the lid closed. When the temperature reaches where you want to buy, shut off one burner and adjust the other(s) accordingly to support the temperature. You will cook your food for the grate which has no fire directly below it. You can cook directly for the grate or place it in an aluminum type pan first.
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