S-1 is one of Victor Krane's bionic soldiers. She revealed the Lab Rats' bionic secret when she filmed them doing a mission and posted it online. She is controlled through Krane's Triton App, thus making it unknown whether she is on Victor's side if she's not under the effect of the app. She serves as Leo's archenemy. She was defeated by Leo in Rise of the Secret Soldiers.  

S-1, along with at least 99 other bionic soldiers, were genetically engineered by Victor Krane without Douglas Davenport's knowledge. After Krane updated Douglas's Triton App, he implanted it in her and used her as his partner.

While the Lab Rats were on a mission, she quickly snuck around the perimeter and filmed the team's bionics and posted it on the internet.

She partnered with Krane to attempt to kill Douglas and crushed Leo's arm which led him to get a bionic implant.

She and Krane attack the warehouse where Douglas gave Leo bionics. The two easily take out Leo and Douglas. When Adam, Bree, Chase and Donald arrive, Krane easily beat Adam, Chase and Donald, meanwhile S-1 and Bree fight in battle which seems equal until Bree gets distracted, allowing S-1 to take the advantage. As S-1 is about to take out Bree, Leo recovers and tries to take out S-1 with an energy burst from his new bionic arm, but his aim isn't very good and the laser instead hits Krane. This distracts S-1 long enough for Bree to kick out and knock her to the ground. Agent Graham and his agents arrive and end up taking Krane and S-1 into custody. At the end of the episode, Krane and S-1 are in a cell which is supposed to disable their bionic abilities. In the cell, she asked Krane what they're going to do next, now that they're in prison. She then watched as Krane activates his army.

S-1 then appeared fighting Leo, but was defeated by Leo's new bionic ability thus getting his revenge in Rise of the Secret Soldiers. However, S-1 will return in One of Us despite her apparent demise.

S-1 is a ruthless, sociopathic soldier who lets nothing get in her way, with the sole purpose of serving Victor Krane. She shows no qualms nor hesitation towards attacking her enemies, and takes particular pleasure in wanting to kill Leo. Like her brother Sebastian, S-1 tends to underestimate her enemies.