Fig xA N DBPs of SMPs

Fig. 3. N-DBPs of SMPs under various conditions. Error bars represent the standard deviation based on triplicate analyses. (NS = normal state, HA = high ammonia content, HS = high salinity, HM = high level of heavy metal, HT = high temperature.)Figure optionsDownload full-size imageDownload as PowerPoint slide
The amount of N-DBPs generated under HT condition was only 2.5 times of that Rapamycin under NS, much less than the increase of C-DBPs, indicating that SMPs under HT condition contained more precursors of C-DBPs than ones of N-DBPs. According to previous studies [40] and [41], the amount of N-DBPs formed in the chlorination process is related to the DON levels in SMPs samples. Therefore, higher N-DBPs observed under HA, HS and HT conditions may be due to high levels of DON under these conditions as well (Table 1). This could 'Rapamycin' be confirmed indirectly by the low production of N-DBPs under HM condition, in which the DON level was only half of acid rain in NS condition.