Simple Guide On How To Make The Most Out Of Your IPhone

So, you are interested in getting a new iPhone but all the technological features of it are a bit intimidating? Concerned it might just be a little overwhelming? Don't worry. The following tips will show you how to quickly learn to use an iPhone.

If adding the ".com" ending of website addresses on your iPhone is a chore, you don't have to. Safari will direct you to the website you want with only the main address words. Though this may seem insignificant, the time savings can be substantial over the long run.

When attempting to write notes or emails and you don't want to be bothered by suggestions, you don't need to tap X to get rid of suggestions. The suggestion will be dismissed if you give a tap on any part of the screen.

You can customize your iPhone's dictionary and create shortcuts to make texting faster. When you use this, your phone knows exactly what you are trying to change. Also, you can add in new shortcuts to your phone. This will allow the iPhone to autocorrect phrases as you type.

Instead of trying to remember what a webpage or email said, you can save an image from on of them. Simply touch and hold on an image that you want to save. After a few seconds, a pop-up box will give you the option of saving the image to your phone.

You can create a unique library of shortcuts and meanings with your device. Your diction app will figure out exactly what you're trying to say by relying on your custom dictionary. It is also simple to program the phone to add in shortcuts and additional phrases. The iPhone keyboard will also correct you automatically when typing a phrase or word.

Don't waste time using suggested words when typing on an iPhone. Fortunately, there's a faster way to dismiss your iPhone's suggestions when they appear: Simply tap anywhere on the screen when the suggestion box appears. What this means is that you aren't going to have to hit x all the time.

You can use the included calculator to do quick mathematical calculations on your iPhone. In the phone's vertical position, you will get a standard calculator and if you flip it into horizontal position, you will see a scientific calculator.

To make the most of your iPhone, try using it to stay connected on Facebook. The Facebook app allows you to easily update your status, post to your wall, and view the latest updates from all of your friends.

If you want to multiply, subtract or add something really quick, use the calculator component found in the iPhone's utilities section. This calculator comes in standard form when you hold the phone vertically but turns into a very sleek scientific calculator when you move your phone in a horizontal position.

Now that you know more about an iPhone, you should know more about all of its functions. You also learned more about downloading, installing and using apps. Use the tips from this article to make the most of having an iPhone. If you really like to have additional in depth data about iphone 4 cord, go to our page.