ETN81-055 Fuji Electric IGBT Module

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ETN81-055 is the most excellent tool to boost the performance of your house’s power supplies. ETN81-055 is a Fuji Electric IGBT (Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor) module that can provide energy of up to 600V or 200A.


This Fuji IGBT module offers electrical and thermal contact and insulation to the application. Moreover, its higher power density makes it more reliable compared to typical semiconductors.


One of the best features of the ETN81-055 is its own free-wheeling diode. This diode functions to eliminate flybacks, offering protection to the transistor from any possible damages.


Fuji Electric ETN81-055 also has a high DC gain that makes it robust and durable enough to handle heavy machineries like air conditioner or refrigerator.


Because of its flexibility, ETN81-055 is an excellent power source to numerous switching appliances.