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Try Those Fantasies Out
As you explore your fantasies with your partner there may be some that you both find fun and want to try out. Do it! Outfits are often a great way to get in the mood; a sexy nurse or flight attendant costume is often worth the investment. Or maybe you have a James Bond thing and him putting on that tux sitting in the closet will get you going. Your fantasies may extend beyond your home. An easy and sexy role play is showing up at a hotel bar fifteen minutes before your partner. It's then his job to pretend to meet you, seduce you, and get you upstairs. Flirting in this way keeps you sharp, and makes things fresh like when you first started dating.Strange Yet , Inspiring Sayings About free porn

These five tips inject something seemingly new to your relationship, but the most important one is keeping the lines of communication open. The more you can talk about your sex life, the better it's going to be.