A yearly property duty or stamp duty: Which is lesser regarding two evils?

Shifting demographic trends have been bringing in a fair amount of attention in media recently, something which all traders should be getting close notice of.

I’ve think it is interesting to notice recently the mainstream press in particular is starting to pick up about some of the evolving but remarkable changes in real estate trends.

I’ve talked about Australia’s ageing human population before, it comes with many designers are moving towards smaller-sized or multi-use dwellings, rather than the traditional big house on a big block regarding land.

That wasn’t too long ago a four-bedroom house within the suburbs was the standard ‘Australian dream’, however a big family home doesn’t suit everyone any more. In fact, these types of homes increasingly match fewer and fewer segments of the population.

The particular fastest-growing household dimension, according to a new report, is single-person households. This can be older Australians, who are living more than ever before, or much younger Australians who choose to live on their own.

“Single people, as an example, are holding out longer to get married or perhaps enter into any long-term relationship,” says Professionals Buenos aires chief executive Shane Kempton in a latest media write-up.

As a result, particular property features are becoming more important to some buyers.

“Car parking as well as security features are important when buying a property, because more single people are usually demanding increased levels of protection, and these characteristics can impact on the resale value of the property,” Shane claims.

Are you make an effort to considering Australia’s growing demographic trends when reviewing your next opportunities?

Or can you truly believe that the big house around the big block will always have got its industry, so you’ll continue to build your profile with freestanding homes instead of smaller flats and units? Would love to know where you stand on this, feel free to opinion!

Til next time, happy investing!

The fastest-growing household size, according to a new report, is single-person households. Click here to know more about Real Wealth Australia.