How To Crack The Network Security

Internet connection today in not just a want but a need considering the fact that we are now living in an innovative world. As you can see, wireless hotspots or called Wi-Fi are available almost everywhere and also those Wi-Fi hackers. It will be more easier for you to identify wireless networks available within your place in case you have wireless network card in your PC. The problem here is that, the majority of these detected networks comes with password to secure their network connection .

Did you ever become curious about how to hack Wi-Fi? If you're looking for an opportunity to have access on those secured networks, all you have to do is to crack their Wi-Fi passwords. You need to adhere to valuable steps in learning How to hack Wi-Fi password and crack the network security key to be able to make this possible. Cracking passwords in various networks is a piece of cake for the majority of Wi-Fi hackers. There are absolute techniques that will lead you to ensure an efficient result in cracking the passwords although you’re not a professional.

how to hack Wi-Fi in WEP protected networks? The following steps can be helpful considering WEP can be cracked and how to hack Wi-Fi is simple.

• Step 1- First you have to consider installing CommView for WiFi. It doesn’t matter whether you install it in VoIP mode or Standard mode for it automatically installs the necessary tools in how to hack Wi-Fi.

• Step 2- Hit the PLAY ICON button in the upper left part.

• Step 3- A new window will pop up now and then click the START SCANNING button. After clicking the button, you'll be given with list of networks and its up you which to hack.

• Step 4- Click the Wi-Fi network that you would like to hack and click on CAPTURE. Automatically the windows will be closed and CommView begins Capturing Packets.

• Step 5- You have to save the captured Packets. The Memory Usage should be change into 20000 Maximum Packets in buffer. Each packets then would be save by CommView in .ncp format with a size of 20MB. When you have gotten interested now and would like more to read, on wifi hacker app you will find what you require.

• Step 6- For the AIRCRACK to hack the security code you should convert the packets into .cap file. Open up the Aircrack Folder, click on the Bin button, then pick Aircrack-ng GUI.exe. Next is, click on the .cap file then select WEP encryption with larger font size. Click the launch button then the key will be given.

how to hack Wi-Fi in a secured WEP network can take a longer time. It takes a lot of patience for you to know how to hack Wi-Fi and to make it efficient. Consider the given steps and you are on your way to become a better Wi-Fi hacker.