S&A circulating chiller for cooling 5W UV solid state laser

Recently, S&A visit a client whose company mainly produces a kind of solid laser which is impulse type of blue green light to deep purple light band,
it is mainly applied to UV-marking, welding ,cutting film and coating, they want to use our chiller to cool UV-solid laser. In generally, we can use the air-cooled for the below 5W UV solid state laser, and over 5W UV-solid laser machine need water-cooled to cooling.

We saw the client develop a kind of semiconductor refrigerator in the factory by themselves. This kind of refrigerator use the semiconductor chilling plate to cooling, there are no refrigerated in the machine but high production cost.The S&A chiller cooling by the compressor with compact structure, and the built -in system is safer than semiconductor refrigerator, and S&A compressor type chiller have more adventages in performance and cost.

The purpose of this visit is make a solid laser cooling techology exchange, how rich harvest it is!
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