Shanghai LED traffic guidance screen advantage inventory

Shanghai led traffic screen with a display visually, informative, relatively short time visibility, can not familiar with the road of significant advantages, such as guiding the driver for the city's main arterial roads and highways network-intensive area. Products are:

1, high brightness, rational perspective: the use of well-known brands of light-emitting diode, the brightness can be adjusted high enough, strong sunlight or rain and fog weather HD picture is still eye-catching, with a reasonable perspective, and fully meet the normal within 200 meters in Depending on the distance.

2. Dimmable: Screen brightness can be automatically adjusted according to changes in the brightness of the environment, avoid rain and night "flare" phenomenon; to prevent excessive brightness caused by light pollution, low brightness discomfort, maximize savings energy, reduce the cost.

3, remote controlled: Built-in wireless data transmission module, GPRS / 3G remote real-time information and data publishing.

4, intelligent control: with intelligent control system, enabling traffic information automatically published, automatically adjust the temperature and humidity, automatic detection and alarm operating conditions, weather truly unattended safe operation.

5, Lightning: Lightning has comprehensive measures to prevent being struck by lightning and burned in the display.

6, protective high: protection class IP68, has a good waterproof, moisture-proof, anti-corrosion, suitable for all kinds of weather.
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