Optical Correction Examination

The most important senses of your body to be sure is correctly maintained is one's eyesight. Routinely going to your optometrist in Lancaster County can help ensure that one's eyes are in the best shape possible.

Our center provides several services that are crucial to maintaining proper eye health, such as contact lens prescribing. Campus Eye Center has two specialist who are trained to prescribe contact lenses and glasses, and give tests and fittings to find the best lenses for you. Campus Eye Center also offers you eye surgery around Lancaster, Pennsylvania for those with eye conditions, such as eye infections, astigmatism, glaucoma, or dry eyes, etc. At our center, we use high tech machinery to supply surgeries for severe disorders, including corrective Lasik Eye Surgery, glaucoma and diabetic laser surgery, small incision cataract surgery, and many more!

At Campus Eye Center, our objective is to provide total vision care to patients of all ages. Our optometrists will check on your eyes to observe if glasses are necessary. The primary eye care we provide is state of the art, and we shall ensure that your eyesight is properly maintained. No matter what age, or what your eye health is, everyone needs a routine appointment. Campus Eye Center shall always provide you the the care you deserve.