Is a hat trick of good economic news BAD news for Ed Balls and his leader? Would they prefer us to be in the mess they created?

How to handle economic dislocation is likely to be an issue in the presidential election ahead.

THEY did not create "the mess", the greed of the casino banks did that, THEY did extend the de regulation of the banks though, started by Thatcher, and Gideon was pushing hard for even less regulation than Labour were prepared to allow...

THEY saved the Country from the mess the banks created, and, by the time the tories came into power, the country was recovering, slowly, the tories stifled that growth instantly, and, it took them four years to get back to the position the country was in the week before the 2010 election. If you want to criticise, you really should do a bit of research, otherwise you will come across as an ignorant person...

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