Color and brightness of LED lights

In the LED industry for so many years, do you know how much industry knowledge? You know the production of LED chip manufacturers? What is the color temperature and brightness? Today, thanks to LED light supplier china, we can look at the collection about this knowledge together.


We can take the whole aspects of the LED lights industry. Of course, we can have a look at the color and brightness of it today. K color temperature, used to represent the absolute temperature, is a standard blackbody (such as platinum). When it is heated, the temperature rises to a certain extent when the color began to red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo (blue-violet), and purple. With such changes in the characteristics of light color, its color and the blackbody light source light hue, we will call the temperature of the blackbody at the time the color temperature of the light source. You can do some observation when you buy T8 LED lights from T8 LED tube light suppliers if you have interest in it. Then we can have a look at the brightness. For example, under good lighting conditions, the eye sensitivity to light of wavelength 550nm (yellow) is 20 times as red or blue. This is why most of the car's fog lights and street lights use a yellow important reason. Color temperature is a measure of the standard color temperature, not measure the brightness of the lamp. Halogen 2300K color temperature can be made to 7000K; HID lamp color temperature from 4200K to over 8000K.


That is the basic knowledge of color and brightness of LED lights. You can buy LED flexible light strip for research as their color is obvious and it is easy for doing some research.