Kung Fu -a Formidable Martial Art With Lots Of Styles

The ancient Chinese martial art of Kung Fu could be split into several different schools or styles, each with its own unique qualities. The most stylish system of Kung Fu, according to many martial artists is the White Crane style. The name, naturally, comes from the bird, and like several Kung Fu styles, it copies the way animals move in nature. The moves of a skilled master of White Crane are very deadly and powerful. The correct application of the moves may take many years to learn, although a master can make them look simple. Staying away from fights is what White Crane stylists are taught, but they are really masters of self defense. They don't fight unless they have to, even though their techniques give them devastating power when they really need it.

One style of Kung Fu that's rather philosophical in nature is Wing Chun, and Bruce Lee was influenced a great deal by this style. It is based on the fact that the enemy will attack, absorb, and then neutralize the assault. Then the opponent will back down, pursue and then counter. In Wing Chun, you fight at a close range and don't attempt to escape from your enemy. The more conventional block and counter routines aren't used a lot in Wing Chun. In Wing Chun, contact is kept up as much as possible, since this allows you to never lose awareness of what your enemy is doing.

Yet another close range form of Kung Fu that isn't that popular in the West is known as Hung Gar. It's very useful in close quarters, like an alley or small space, but not much for distance fighting. It works in areas where other martial arts fall short, which makes it a powerful system when the stylist learns how to handle these areas. port coquitlam martial arts lessons The Praying Mantis style was created by a man named Wang, almost 400 years back, by studying the actions of a praying mantis. It was observed that the praying mantis has both attacking and defensive moves that humans can easily copy.

Monkey style is an effective martial art whose movements look bizarre and even humorous if you watch them. This style dates back no less than a century and a half, when it was witnessed by missionaries traveling to China. A prisoner known as See was observing the moves made by monkeys as they fought near the prison. He later on was released from prison and became a renowned martial arts teacher called the Monkey Master. Lots of people followed after his style, and even today, the Monkey system is helpful.

There are a number of systems of martial arts you can choose from, and many from within Kung Fu. To become adept in Kung Fu could take many years of practice, so you will need some patience. Any person who studies Kung Fu consistently is going to reap many rewards, including the capability to guard yourself.