Thinking of Lucha Libre as a Martial Art Style

Is Lucha Libre (free fighting) truly a martial art? It is a question some will ask given that Lucha Libre is the traditional Mexican form of pro wrestling. Lucha Libre isn't really like what you would think of as professional wrestling in other places. The most inventive part of the exercise is the way the wrestlers are dressed up in funny costumes with masks. crowley la judo for kids Many of the wrestlers are regarded as masked villains or heroes as they parade around in their costumes.

There is of course the physical art of motion and fighting performed in a melodramatic fashion by the wrestlers, many of whom started out in traditional wrestling. It is still difficult to equate Lucha Libre with a style of martial art. They have to learn the art of wrestling to be able to make it look good on the stage. So Mexican Lucha Libre wrestlers in training study all of the traditional wrestling moves. The main aspects of the wrestling art are found here. Most of the wrestlers have years of experience in amateur wrestling, while the others come from sports or the martial arts.

Interestingly, Mil Mascaras was the embodiment of a high flying hero and when he was not wrestling, he was making films where he constantly battled monsters and super-villains. In person, Mil Mascaras was an extremely skilled mat technician and was notoriously tough. Numerous wrestlers felt tied in knots by his wrestling method. His grappling abilities are just as pronounced as his muscle mass and his ability to dramatize a role.

Lucha Libre wrestlers need to undergo a lot of the same training as real wrestlers, although obviously having the same knowledge is not the same as having the same experiences. The martial arts skills needed for proper grappling in legitimate wrestling circuits are beneficial both in Lucha Libre and in the real world when somebody has to defend himself. And certainly, wrestlers must protect themselves from time to time. The kind of individuals who like watching Lucha Libre often get somewhat too into the fights and challenge the wrestlers. Crazed fanatics typically jump right in or make aggressive actions towards wrestlers during the fights. Many times supporters can become overheated and attempt to accost a wrestler who is walking down the aisle back to the locker room. There are numerous reports of wrestlers being mauled when they go out for drinks at night clubs. Intoxicated Lucha Libre enthusiasts start a number of the worst altercations. Wrestlers need to be tough since they don't know when they will have to face a challenge. If they weren't, they may not last long in the game.

As MMA gains standing in Mexico, you will find changes going on in Lucha Libre. Maybe the basis in MMA and submission wrestling could replace the basic amateur wrestling which is typically part of the game. Lucha Libre might not be a style of martial art, but the martial arts basis of many of its artists make it more interesting. Lots of people have been inspired by the techniques of Lucha Libre.