What is merino wool?

Merino wool is a kind of fine wool from Merino sheep. In fact, most of Fine wool breed in the world are produced from the Merino sheep or sheep which is mainly based Merino lineage.

The fineness of Merino wool fiber is up to more than NM80, and mostly in the NM60 to NM70 range. The length of merino wool fiber is 4 to 10 cm and the end of the fiber is parallel and level, no medulla. Bilateral cortical layer and structure are arranged in parallel or vice cortex and that makes the formation of a curl dense and uniform (4 ~ 10 / cm). The surface of the fiber is covered with fine scales with high level of grease. The percent yield of clean wool is lower than the general semi-fine wool and long wool. After washing, merino wool top gets the color white, with elegant silver or luster like pearl.

Merino wool has a good spinning performance and it can be spun into high count yarn. Its hand feel is soft and elastic and it is suitable for making fine worsted fabric. It also has good milling power and it is the excellent material that makes nice woolen fabric with full and close cover.