While the focus of the above and other

While the focus of the above and other studies in the literature is to generate transparent emulsion droplets in aqueous medium, a recent study has demonstrated the potential use of ultrasonic emulsification process for encapsulation and delivery of nutritional compounds in dairy-based drinks [32] and [33]. Ultrasonic emulsification was successfully used to incorporate up to 21% flax seed oil in pasteurised homogenised skim milk (PHSM). It has been shown in this study that the emulsions were stabilised by the partially-denatured whey KY02111 and were stable for at least 9 days. It has been reported that the emulsion stability is dependent upon the power and duration of sonication. For example, the photographs shown in Fig. 6 suggest that 6 min processing time is necessary to prepare a stable emulsion at 176 W applied power. For clarification purpose, a dye was dissolved in flax seed oil and 'KY02111' the separation of the dye from the matrix was used to diagnose the stability of the emulsion. It has been noted in this study that a short-term stable emulsion could be generated in 3 min processing time.