What is office layout? | Answerbag

Office layout deals with the design and set up of an office. It takes into account all the accessories and equipment needed in an office. Employees are more productive when the design and layout of an office coincide with their working needs.


The layout of an office should be constructed so that employees are able to function efficiently and effectively. Their desks and computers should be designed and installed so that they can sit comfortably and not incur any injuries because of bad posture. This facet deals with ergonomics.


Each desk should be situated so that employees can effectively communicate with a supervisor and with each other. Effective communication, within a team, helps with morale and the team dynamics.


The layout of an office should ensure that everyone has easy access to equipment, such as copiers, fax and printers. Any electrical cords should be out of the aisles to prevent employees from falling and tripping.


Sometimes an office layout will provide employees with cubicles, which help provide privacy and they muffle or stifle any noise an employee might make. This helps when people are talking on the phone.


Many things go into planning an office layout, including the lighting, desks, work stations, furniture and the amount of space needed, conference rooms and storage space for supplies. An office layout has to take into consideration expansion and growth needs.


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