Heart Of Your Phighter: Wrestlemania Picks

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Winner: Trish Stratus. Instead, he dressed as the white Undertaker, which I thought was cool looking. Big Show vs. They can still go.

We've had "break your neck" Triple Dragon Mania Legends Cheats H instead of funny man Triple H, and I hope he actually stays this way. On the third side (apparently this can be a triangular coin?) you have more Big Show vs. I'm not the largest fan of Cena, and I'm not the biggest mark of him, either. I'm looking forward towards the tag team championships traveling Dragon Mania Legends Cheats around for any valid reason.

This is when I get stuck. I'm not the greatest fan of Cena, and I'm not the greatest mark of him, either. Possible distraction to Backstabber. I'm going to make a huge statement right here, so listen up:.

Chris Jericho vs. The Colons (can't discover that accent mark) are planning to win because of the LumberJacks. They say he's underrated, I say he's overrated. I hope I do not have to try to spell that word again. I can really see Jericho knocking off two of the legends, and then Rourke or Flair distracting him, causing him to lose.

Okay, i want to claim that I haven't been more disgusted with ANYTHING I've watched on tv than Big Show and Vickie http://www.writerparty.com/party/dragon-mania-full-breeding-guide-combination-list-part-2/ kissing. I don't believe we must have somebody go back to back, winning Money within the Bank. Winner: MVP.

That's all for now, I'll be back next week though with some more thoughts. . . That's all for now, I'll be back next week though with more thoughts.