Bring peace in South Sudan:


             Bring peace in South Sudan:


We need to have goals, determination and focuses towards our nation, not to dwell on the ethnics lines that would tear our nation apart.  To maintain and enduringly bring peace all around the nation, let us actively participate fully to be peace makers, at home or wherever you reside.

 Is South Sudan peace possible?  I would gladly say yes, because we need to work on the way we see each other and get rid of why we fight and hate ourselves.


If our joys are the same, our blood might be the same, pain, smiles and hearts, so why do we keep killing each other inhumanely? I want us to stand shoulder to shoulder as one nation, one people as always airing it on SSTV, but they don’t even mean it.

We need to bring down the fence of disunity and build a nation that belong to all South Sudanese tribes, treat others equally and make peace among ourselves. What unites us is important then this deadly conflict around our country, why would we want to kill each other?

 We must do more as a pledge commitment to heal ourselves and transform South Sudan from within, so that we see peace occurring soon among ourselves.