Did You Use Steamstats For TF2?

If you did, you are halo-a lot less. How ironic of Valve to punish individuals they sense ended up "dishonest" to get hats by worthwhile these who did not with... a hat! All those who applied the Steamstats application for TF2 developed by Drunken F00l had been not knowledgeable that Valve thought of it cheating. No warning was at any time set out prior to the halo incident and they never publicly mentioned that they did not concur with the system.

Steamstats did not hack the program or spoof things it just allowed them the chance to accessibility idle servers and idle for random drops devoid of getting TF2 open. You even now had to very own the sport, experienced to have Steam working and continue to experienced to wait around for these random drops.

Right after three months of making it possible for the system to keep on, those people who utilised it assumed Valve experienced no issue with it. This is why it angered numerous gamers who experienced utilized to TF2 Steamstats method to then be labeled as cheaters and their accounts marked forever as they ended up not offered the prized "Cheaters Lament".

No matter whether you treatment about the halo hat or not, some men and women just did not like the insult or the underhanded way that Valve seemed to cope with the predicament. Many believe that that Valve was pretty unprofessional and even childish in the way they handled the situation.

So what do you believe? Did you use Steamstats for TF2? Did you skip the software and just take the "moral high road"? Do you now activity your extremely have glowing halo? What do you believe about how Valve taken care of this full scenario?

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