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The activity commences with Snake speaking to his colleagues Important Zero and The Boss by means of codec. The Manager is not the very same human being that Reliable Snake defeated in Metallic Gear and Metallic Equipment two. In this game the Boss is Bare Snake's previous instructor and an individual else (who will be uncovered afterwards on). Immediately after their codec conversation, Snake infiltrates a jungle and locates Sokolov (scientist) since Sokolov is producing a device identified as Shagohod. This equipment is capable is currently being immensely destructive and can be utilized as a weapon. Anything goes as prepared until finally, Snake encounters The Boss. She has defected to Colonel Volgin's side, and she hands Volgin two nuclear weapons.

Snake attempts to impede their malicious intentions, but fails miserably. Volgin launches one of the nuclear weapons to conceal their escape route and flees with the Shagohod and Sokolov. Due to the fact the weapon was released in excess of Soviet Union soil from an American airplane, the Soviet Union interpreted this as an assault. To prevent additional bloodshed, United States president Lydon Johnson convinces Soviet leader Nikita Khrushchev that the US is innocent. Additionally, the US blames The Manager for the nuclear strike and intends to eradicate the Shagohod and The Manager. Seven days later, Snake is sent back into action to attain this mission.

Even though Snake strives to identify the Shagohod, he meets Eva (previous NSA agent). A youthful and impatient Revolver Ocelot enters the image, and he fails in capturing Snake. Snake and Eva get there at the facility the place the Shagohod is becoming held. Before long afterwards, Volgin places Snake and confesses to Snake that he has pilfered the Philosophers Legacy. Snakes hears that the United States basically programs to obtain the Philosophers Legacy for their personal agenda, and he manages to terminate the Shagohod and Volgin. Eva and Snake blow up the facility and get away unharmed. Regrettably, The Boss abruptly interferes with their system to escape.

Snake realizes that The Boss defected in buy for the US to have a scapegoat for the nuclear explosion. He quickly disarms her and completes his mission by killing her.Right after a very long and arduous mission, Eva suddenly leaves but manages to set apart a tape for Snake. The tape divulged that she was a Chinese spy despatched to get well the Philosophers Legacy for China. It also revealed that The Boss defected to repossess the Philosophers Legacy for the United States. Below is the massive surprise: Bare Snake is awarded with the identify "The Manager" for neutralizing the terrorist menace. Which means that the Huge Manager that Sound Snake defeated in Steel Gear 1 and 2 was none other than Bare Snake (the protagonist in Metal Gear Sound 3).

The tape recording was as follows "The Philosophers even now exist in China, also. You see, my mission was to obtain out where Volgin was hiding the Philosopher's Legacy and steal it. So I infiltrated his base as a KGB spy. The two NSA code breakers who defected in 1960 ended up truly the two adult men. The actual Adam in no way confirmed up at the assembly location, conserving me the trouble of having to remove him.