Sexuality :: Increase Female Libido with Herb Shatavari, Female Libido Enhancement

Shatavari is an herb which is considered as the female libido enhancer or increase female libido. Shatavari is very useful herb for women as it helps in balancing the hormonal system. Shatavari is very beneficial for increasing female libido. It helps to nourishes and cleans the blood and reproductive organs of the female. Shatavari also helps to nourish the womb and ovum which helps to prepare the women organs for pregnancy and avoid miscarriage.

Shatavari consist of phytoestrogens, the precursors of estrogens. Shatavari has botanical name called asparagus racemosus. It is a climbing plant which is mostly grows in forests throughout India. Its roots are very beneficial and used for medicinal purposes. Its roots are bitter, sweet and have cooling effects. Shatavari helps in curing constipation, aphrodisiac, nervous disorders, dyspepsia, tumors, scalding of urine, throat infections, tuberculosis, cough bronchitis and general debility. This herb is very beneficial in improving the white blood count in female. Asparagus racemosus or shatavari also consists of bioflavinoids, vitamin B and essential elements of calcium and zinc, which helps to increase the female libido.

This herb is superb in curing infertility, irregularities in ovulation, excess bleeding, cramps, pain and bloating during menstrual cycle. This herb is also helps in reducing breast milk secretion and also to increase the sex stamina. Shatavari also improve the flow of blood circulation to the female organ and the body. This is the one of the best herbal treatment for all menstrual disorders and deals with all female sex organ problems. It also helps in curing amenorrhea, dymenorrhea, leucorrhea and pelvic inflammatory diseases. Shatavari is also helps in relieving stress, depression, anxiety and sleep disorders. This herb is also helps to maintain the immune system and helps in destroying harmful organisms. Shatavari also deals with Candida. It is also helps to normalize the changing hormones.

Increase female libido

This is the common problem where women experience a decrease sex drive. There are numerous causes of low libido like excess consumption of alcoholism, smoking, drugs, diabetes, depression treatment nyc, stress and menopause. There are many enhancers to increase the low female libido but excess consumption of medications can cause you side effects or other health problem like skin infection, nasal problem, headache and stress. But shatavari is the excellent herbal remedy to increase the low female libido and also helps you to restores the sex drive. It also helps to increases the stamina and strength.

This herb is very effective and very useful to increase the blood to the female genitals and also increases the sexual sensation. Shatavari is very useful to increases the vaginal lubrication and sensitivity. This herb is very helpful to regulate the hormonal balance. Asparagus racemosus plant not only helps to improve the sex drive but also deals with other health problem like it improves the heart to function better and better and helps to improve the flow of blood circulation. It also improves the physical strength. It has no side effects and has long lasting effects.