The Risk of Ear Infection

For babies, ear infection is not just a disease. Ear infection on babies can be more serious because it affects the ear’s function. When the function of the ear does not work very well, your baby will be likely to have hearing problems.

Serious Disease

Ear infection normally occurs in the Eustachian tube that connects the throat and middle ear. Germs in the throat, due to cold that frequently occurs to babies, may travel to the tube, which is temporarily horizontal and wide during the babyhood, and cause infection in the area. Recurrent ear infections will ultimately cause damages to the eardrum, leading to some hearing problems. When your baby is trying to say the first words, hearing problems definitely hinder the ability. Speech delay may be the ultimate effect of the ear infection, as it is mentioned on Baby Wha Wha’s website ( Because of the serious effect, you cannot take ear infection for granted.