Two Types of Double Strollers

I found interesting information about double strollers on People rarely look on double strollers because they usually have one baby at a time. On the other hand, twins are more exclusively genetic and families with small age gap between children are fairly uncommon these days unless it is planned.

Children with a Double Stroller

Do you categorize yourself a well-planned parent? Then, maybe you should visit to get more info on double strollers. Unlike single strollers, double strollers are more complicated and so you have more options to choose from.

• Side-by-side strollers take up more space for both mobility and storage. Maneuverability is easy as long as the kids have relatively the same weight. As the kids sit next to each other, it will be easy for you to attend them both at the same time. Unfortunately, you will have to plan getting new car seats.

• Tandem strollers are typically heavyweight that controlling them can be challenging. They are narrow space friendly because the seats are front and back. Some models offer stadium style of seats, so each kid has the same broad range of view. Once you have a tandem stroller, you do not need to get new car seats.