Sony Xperia Z - Resistant to Water And Dust

Sony Xperia Z is a phone which you can use in heavy rain without any worries because the Sony Xperia Z is not an everyday Smartphone. The Xperia Z is Sony’s current Android Smartphone having the primary feature like IP55/IP57 dust and water resistance capacity with hard-edged glass on the front and rear side.


The Sony Xperia Z is an ultra-hi tough phone. Having features like 1.5 GHz quad-core processor with a 13 megapixel camera. Sony Xperia Z uses Dragontail as front glass and Gorilla as the rear glass. Usually handsets use different type of glasses to increase the toughness of the phone, but Sony has opted for both the glasses in the Xperia Z so as to give a tough credential in making the body as slim as possible.


At the same time the inside of the phone and battery are protected by the body of the phone which seals it. Again to protect the phone all the flaps on the exterior ports (SIM, headphone, USB charger etc) are to be properly closed to protect it from water and dust. The Xperia Z has the capability to sense the open flaps and it reminds you to close them.


Lately announcement was made on expansion of 1800MHz 4G network to facilitate additional network coverage to 900 MHz 4G spectrum that would provide better usage of mobile in the regional areas 900 MHz 4G spectrum that would provide better usage of mobile in the regional areas. From the few high end Smartphone available at this moment Sony Xperia Z is one of them that supports the lower frequency, 900 MHz and 4G spectrum band which improves the range and depth of the signals.


With this pone of Sony, we are bringing over the transformation of TV, imaging, music, film and gaming to build an excellent definition for the users. With some new and higher stipulation, applications of Sony, One-touch functions and exceptional battery life, Xperia Z has come up with flying colours in the Smartphone market.


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